Kiosk Premium X

The latest Kiosk with a renewed design and exclusive options to stand out even more in your business!

Kiosk Premium

The latest Kiosk with a renewed design and exclusive options to stand out even more in your business!


32-Inch touch

Draw attention to your business with the 32-inch touchscreen(s).


Free testing

Test the Kiosk free for 30 days. No fine print and completely free of charge.


+20% revenue

Proven 20% higher average order value at the Kiosk.

Orders Onesix Kiosk

More screens.
More visibility.
More Premium.

Not one, but two screens to give your customers the ordering experience they deserve. If you want multiple screens but no extra Kiosks, Premium X it is. Of course, you can also choose the Premium X with just one screen!

Lights lights lights.

Looking for a Kiosk that fits your business perfectly? Then choose the Premium X! We've equipped the Premium X with a subtle but eye-catching detail: a customizable LED strip. Personalize the color of the LED strip, attract attention and make the Kiosk match the interior of your business even better!

Orders Onesix Kiosk

Customize the Kiosk Premium X in color

As with all our Kiosks, the Premium X can also be sprayed in color. Will you go for a shade that perfectly suits the mood of your business, or will you choose a striking color that attracts attention? The choice is all yours!

An eye for design and detail

In addition to the new features, the Premium X has also received a more streamlined and sleek design. It is precisely these details that set the Premium X apart from any other self ordering Kiosk. Go for design. Go for Premium X.

Onesix self ordering Kiosk

Get the feeling 📸

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kiosk Premium X
Trustpilot excellent score

Started two months ago with the Kiosk. Very satisfied! The Kiosk is easy and clear. The service is super. If you have questions or need help, they are there for you right away.

Lois Vos
Co-owner JM Snacks
Trustpilot excellent score

Super nice and easy to use kiosk for the customer, and a simple quick operation for my staff! Mitchell and his team act super fast on questions and like to think with you! Definitely highly recommended!

Ronald van Kolthoorn
Owner of Bakker Bart Ede
Trustpilot excellent score

I've been working with Mitchell and Onesix for two years now at multiple restaurants, the service is great and for everything there is a solution when you work with these guys! I would recommend them to anybody.

Stijn Moussault
Owner Fat Phill's The Mall
Trustpilot excellent score

We saw from day 1 what a huge impact this self ordering Kiosk had on our sales. Order sizes also increased and the sales procedure also became more efficient. As a result, we had extra hands for our production process. The customer service is sublime.

Ling-Ming Fan
Owner 8tea5
Trustpilot excellent score

Self ordering Kiosk from Onesix support multiple locations of Pieperz. We can provide faster, better service to our customers while generating more revenue ourselves.

Stijn Welsing
Co-owner Pieperz
Trustpilot excellent score

The self ordering Kiosks from Onesix work extremely nicely. For both the consumer and the back office for us as a restaurant. The team at Onesix is easily accessible and the service they provide matches what they portray.

Kristel Schulte
Owner Poke Perfect
Trustpilot excellent score

We have come to love this system after the testing phase. The software makes it very easy for both our customers and our employees. Moreover, it also works incredibly convenient for me. From the beginning to the present, we have been well served, no matter what time, there was always someone ready.

Rachaila Habib
Owner Bubble Bae

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Free trial


Proven +20% revenue


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by the free-trial?

Every business deserves the chance to test Onesix Kiosk. You get 30 days to test it without any obligation, allowing you to experience what it is like to serve your guests even better during the ordering process. This test phase can be started without any investment.

What are the benefits of Onesix Kiosk ?

Onesix Kiosk increases order value per customer through upselling and smart features and also creates a better ordering experience. Are you curious how much an self ordering Kiosk can bring you? Experience it yourself by entering into a test phase.

Is online ordering possible at Onesix?

For sure. Next to the Kiosk, you can also request a free Online Kiosk. The same ordering system, but online and accessible on any device via a URL or QR Code. You can process orders of the Online Kiosk through the same system. Easy right?

Will it actually help my visitors answer general questions?